The Coincidence Project is an on-going photographic body of work which I started to develop in late 2012. In this selection of photographs you will be able to observe how urban and natural landscapes that we are so used to seeing merge to create a certain balance.

As the project´s name reveals I look to capture different scenes where the subjects appear to be coincidently  together creating an amusing combination. A combination that makes you look twice and tells you a whole new story about an everyday situation.

Through my project I have been able to show the outstanding amongst the mundane. By playing with the perspective and scale I create juxtapositions making different parts of the scene interact between each other.

Through the coincidences of unconnected elements I discover new places where nothing is beautiful or ugly, nothing is big or small, nothing is good or bad, it is only exciting. Suddenly duality disappears and leaves space for unity. Where there are two, there seems to be three, and where there seems to be three, there is actually only One.